Refreshing detox juices


We drink a lot of smoothies, infusions and juices in our family; and not only during detox month or now we’re on the 12-week wellness programme. Here are four amazing, and easily made detox juices from the coolest trainer across the pond, Jillian Michaels.

The recipes here are from her fab Jillian Michaels App, but since she has shared them on Instagram herself we hope it is ok to reblog them. And we’d also like to take the opportunity to recommend anyone who wants to get serious about their workout to check this app out. It’s like getting Jillian herself in your pocket yelling at you and it’s packed with healthy recipes that are delicious too.

Do you have any juice, infusion or smoothie recipes of your own? Send your recipe with a photo that shows what it looks like to and you could win our March Contribution Kit.