But what is wellness??


Wellness as a concept has been around since the early 2000s, when it was launched almost as a backlash to what was considered a soulless fitness industry. Where fitness promoted certain clothes, certain activities, certain clubs, certain foods and supplements etc; wellness spoke of inner harmony and of finding a balance in your life.

In short, wellness is the realisation of our true potential, something that goes hand in hand with the Swedishness we want to promote. To live healthier, happier and more successful lives has been a central theme in Scandinavia since the Viking times. But of course, the definition of those concepts may have varied over the years.

Six Wellness dimensions

Today, we talk about the different dimensions of wellness, even though different there seems to be a slight disagreement about how dimensions there are. We would argue that there are six dimensions of wellness, as most of the dimensions that some sites mention are really the same ones. Or different aspects of the same dimensions.

As wellness really is about developing a sense of awareness of our health, you could say that the different dimension are concerned with the different aspects of our lives that impact our overall health. A simple classification of the wellness dimensions would be: physical, mental, spiritual, social, lifestyle and environmental wellness. Between these six levels, we are all trying to find a balance and some level of overall health that can help us get through our daily struggles.

What can be considered wellness for me, might not be wellness for you. We are all different, and we all have different needs at different times. But sometimes, we also need to understand that we cannot always expect our lives to be optimal. Sometimes, it makes sense that your level of health will be, or even has to be, lower within certain dimensions.

In the next few steps, we will take a closer look at your wellness through a short wellness assessment. We will also talk more about the six wellness dimensions and what, exactly, our 12-week challenge could offer you.



Are you up for a challenge?


On Wednesday, 1 March 2017, we’ll be kicking off our first ever 12-week Wellness Challenge. This challenge is about finding balance and focus in your life whilst nourishing both body and soul. It’s about identifying what’s stressing you out and leaving you feeling sick, tired and fed up more often than you’d like.

Starting today, we will be blogging about the Wellness Challenge and the questions you might have around it to help you decide whether this is something for you. (It is!) Send us your questions and we’ll try to get the response up asap.

The Wellness Club membership is FREE right now, but that’s not all. For those of you who join us on our first ever Wellness Challenge, membership is for life! This means, you’ll be able to do the Challenge as many times as you like and not pay a penny for the pleasure. Unless you choose to buy any of our products, of course but that is not a requirement. All we ask in return for your free membership is that you stay active in the group by responding to our weekly check-ins during the Challenge and on a regular basis after. Your feedback will be invaluable and help us tweak the programme in order to help as many people as possible .

As a Wellness Club member, you will join a community of likeminded people. We are all interested in living healthier and happier lives whilst feeding our bodies and souls the best possible food. You get access to all our articles about health and wellness and an ever growing bank of recipies for food and natural, home made remedies. And if that’s not enough, there will be special events and incentives to boot.

So, what’s the catch? We will have to limit the number of people who can do the trial run with us, so if you think this might be something for you let us know asap to reserve a seat on our maiden voyage.


Why Wellness?

Our family started a massive lifestyle change in 2011. I, the mother, had been forced to give up my job, as my body was falling apart after 30+ years of battling an aggressive auto-immune disorder. At the time I was distraught, but convinced I could fight my way back to the surface, and back into the workforce, with time and dedication. I decided to become the expert on my body and my multiple chronic degenerative conditions, and my family decided to support me.

My research into immune responses and anti-inflammatory treatment led me to believe that at least some of my problems could be alleviated with better nutrition. I read about food and nourishment. I learned a lot about how our food seems to make people sick these days, and how the food we eat today is less nutritious than it was when my parents were young. And I started to think about how my grandparents probably wouldn’t recognise, let alone approve of, much of what we call food these days.

To put my theory to the test, we did a 30-day detox challenge where we abstained from eating any animal products at all. (I will post my detox diary in here later.) I had expected it to be tough, but to my great surprise I quickly noticed a significant difference in how I felt. And that’s how we all fell in love with the Wellness concept. Since that first detox, we have done at least one per year. But we have also stopped eating certain foods/products, and shifted into a more plant based diet 24/7.

As Independent Oriflame Consultants, we have many years experience of their beauty products and accessories. The wellness range, however, is new to us even though it was launched in 2013. But now we have decided to jump right in and start the 12-week wellness challenge for a healthier life. My aim is to eat a 75-80% plant based diet, and I hope this challenge will help me achieve that goal. We will be blogging about the challenge here, and tell you about the problems we come across. We will introduce you to the different types of products we are going to try and explain what we do and why.

We are five adults and a child in our household, and we will all do the challenge together. We will also have a group of friends and customers joining us, so I’m really looking forward to getting started. If you’d like to get on board and take this journey with us, you are more than welcome! Whatever your goal is, whatever your reason for seeking wellness, I will be glad and grateful for your company.

12-week Wellness Challenge

This Sunday, the 19th February 2017, we kick-start the 12-week Wellness Challenge for a healthier lifestyle and you are welcome to join us!

According to The National Wellness Institute, Wellness is about making a conscious effort to achieve your full potential. It is positive and affirming, multidimensional and holistic. Wellness encompasses lifestyle, mental and spiritual well-being, and the environment. In short, it’s about feeling good about yourself and the life you lead. That’s why our Challenge might be about gaining or shedding weight for some people, while for others it could be about taking better care of yourself and your environment.

Whether your goal is to shed some weight, learn to eat better, get more energy, start exercising, give up some bad habits, find a better balance in your life, work on your relationships or something completely different, a Wellness Challenge might be just the thing you need. Take my hand and get ready to jump!