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Oriflame is a Swedish wellness and beauty brand selling direct, through independent Consultants organised in teams, in more than 60 countries worldwide. As Consultants, we market, demonstrate and sell Oriflame’s wide portfolio of natural Swedish wellness and beauty products through Our personal online stores or by taking orders from customers who have had access to a physical copy of the Catalogue. Some of us also recruit new Consultants to join our teams.

If Oriflame is new to you, we can tell you that the brand was launched in 1967 (yep, we are 50 this year!) by Swedish brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick. Our family has been using Oriflame products since the 70’s, and we have worked as independent Consultants both in Sweden and in England. Apart from the quality of the products, what we love about the brand is its respect for people, animals and nature and its fundamental values: Togetherness, Spirit and Passion.

It is hard not to love a company that believes that you can be successful in a competitive industry and still help make the world a better place. We believe in Togetherness, and that people who work together and share the same goals achieve greater results. Motivating each other and pulling together is more rewarding than working alone. We believe in Spirit, and that people with a can-do spirit and a winning attitude never give up. They are committed to do what it takes to succeed. We believe in Passion, and that passionate people have the power to change the world. They love what they do, believe in it, and know deep down that they can make a difference. On top of all this, Oriflame says no to animal testing (of products and ingredients), supports numerous charities worldwide and is a Co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation.

Today, Oriflame is a Swiss company group listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm (Sweden) Exchange, so you are quite safe buying their products or joining our team. Indeed, this is a reputable company so confident in the quality of its products that they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the products you have received, you can return them for a full refund within 30 days of receipt! And if that is not reassurance enough, we can normally assist you with samples of most products.

We hope you will find something you like. Please, let us know if you have any questions or need any help.

//Evalena, Emma & Sofia, Naturally Swedish


Disclaimer: This site is owned by “Naturally Swedish”, a registered Independent Oriflame Consultant [ID #3256851] selling Oriflame products and recruiting new Independent Consultants. We want to be very clear in stating that we are not, nor do we ever claim to be, Oriflame. We make no representation on Oriflame’s behalf, and any opinions expressed on this site are our own unless otherwise stated.

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