Welcome to our new Wellness site! It’s not a shop (but there’s a link to one above), or even a dedicated sales page. It’s just a blog, really, where we hope to explore the Wellness concept and try to implement it into our family life together with our friends and customers.

We run a Wellness Club in our facebook group, Detox, Diets & Dreams, which is a supportive and inspirational little community of people interested in living a healthier, happier life. We believe wellness is important for all people, and we welcome all who want to join us. We do not care about your age, size, ability, gender, financial status, religious and political views, who you love etc. All we ask is that you want to embrace the Wellness concept and learn and evolve together with the rest of us.

Joining us is still free. Just click on the link above, ask for membership and we’ll introduce you as soon as we can. Let the good times roll!


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Are you up for a challenge?

The Wellness Challenge is about finding balance in your life and nourishing both body and soul. It’s about identifying what’s making your life stressful and leaving you feeling tired, sick and drained more often than you’d like. The lifetime Wellness Club membership is FREE for those who join us now, but the spaces are limited so let us know asap if you want to take the challenge with us.

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