Welcome to Naturally Swedish Wellness – a family of independent Oriflame natural Swedish cosmetics and wellness Consultants!

This is not a shop or even a dedicated sales page. It is a blog about Natural Swedish Wellness (beauty, health and fitness) with a focus on Oriflame’s wellness product range. We will be blogging about the different types of products and give advice on how to deal with all sorts of wellness problem. We run a Wellness Club where we have a 12-week challenge for a healthier lifestyle, but most importantly a supportive and inspirational community.

If you have come here to purchase Oriflame’s wellness products or cosmetics, you will find a link to our dedicated Oriflame shop in the left hand menu. There is also a link that can take you to our sister site, Naturally Swedish, where we do the same as here but with a focus on the cosmetics. We take body positivity seriously, and not all people appreciate finding posts about wellness, diets, exercise and weight management issues when all they wanted was to see the latest lipstick colours or order a new shampoo…

We hope you will enjoy our blog and find something new to try, discuss or learn about every time you visit. And we would very much appreciate your feedback on our posts, or suggestions of things you would like us to blog about. If you want to join our 12-week challenge, our Wellness Club, or maybe would like to join our team as a wellness and/or cosmetics Consultant you are most welcome! Leave a message through our Contact Form, in one of our comments boxes, or DM us on facebook or instagram.

Once again, welcome to Naturally Swedish Wellness!